Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Gift For Baby Lea

Yesterday, on our Baby Lia's birthday, my 4 year old daughter and I visited the birth center at the hospital where Lia was born. Kaiden has had a lot of questions as Lia's birthday approached and I thought visiting the hospital, seeing the rooms, and seeing the babies might help her understand.

While waiting for the shades of the nursery to be raised, I visited with a grandma, anxiously awaiting the birth of her new granddaughter. We were the only two in the area. Even though the ward was busy, not many babies had arrived into the world yet. As the shades rose, the grandmother said - "I wonder if our baby Lea is here?" Tears instantly rolled down my face.

Her little Lea hadn't been moved to the nursery yet, so as we watched two other babies, I told her the story of our Baby Lia. The grandmother hugged me and so kindly said that she was honored to share this wonderful day with me. The nurse directed the Grandma to a set of doors where she could go and see her son, daughter-in-law and new granddaughter in their delivery room. With a hug goodbye, Kaiden and I watched Grandma and Grandson walk to the delivery area. Kaiden, holding my hand and all smiles said to me - "Mommy, it is Baby Lia's birthday and it is the New Baby Lea's birthday!"

Then Kaiden paused, looked up at me and asked, "Mommy, can we go buy a present for the new Baby Lea?" Absolutely sweetie.

In the hospital gift shop we looked at all the stuffed animals and Kaiden chose a cute monkey that had fallen off the shelf and landed right on her head. I wrote a note to the family and we headed back up to the fourth floor. Only intending to leave the gift at the door, the family welcomed us in and Kaiden and I got to meet the beautiful baby girl. Little Lea has beautiful thick dark hair and was awake and alert - and very hungry. I held Lea for a few minutes, and Kaiden gave her a kiss on the head.

Three weeks ago, when thinking about my Lia's upcoming birthday, I had an idea that at the time I thought absurd. I thought how wonderful it would be to take a gift for a newborn at the hospital. Just a way to bring a gift of joy to someone on a day that could be sorrowful. The idea seemed too far fetched - I mean, what would I do - just buy a cute doll and wander into someone's room - or maybe leave an anonymous bouquet of roses at the desk. People would think I was a stalker! The idea was so ridiculous that I completely forgot about it, until late last night as I thought over the amazing day Kaiden and I had. I had a desire in my heart - a desire to celebrate my daughter's special day. I disregarded it, but the Lord did not.

Lord, I am still at a loss of words of how to thank you for the opportunity to experience the joy of new life! I have seen you move in so many ways this year, redirecting military assignments, granting unspoken wishes, providing for unforeseen expenses. But this, allowing me to meet a family and be blessed to meet a new little Lea, such a gift from You honestly is far beyond anything I would have ever asked. I think what amazes me most is that this gift was not something I needed ~ I could have survived yesterday without this blessing. But Lord, You go so far beyond our need. You know the deepest reaches of me and make dreams come true.

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Gene said...

What an amazing story, friend. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.