Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Wise Woman

Having a daughter in heaven has caused us all to think a lot more, and ask a lot more, about heaven. Kaiden wonders if we need shoes in heaven, she wonders if God makes people be nice to each other, and she wonders how far away heaven is. I do a lot of contemplating too. I wonder if Lia knows her great granparents, I wonder if she can see me, and I often wonder how "old" Lia is now.

You see, I only thought of Lia as a newborn for one day - the single day I was able to hold her tiny hands and feet. Ever since then, I have always seen her as a young lady - full of wisdom and spirit and joy. In a way, I hope she isn't still a baby. God gave her a mind and though it never grew to contemplate the things of this world, I certainly hope that she has the full use of it to praise and enjoy Him in heaven!

Just a few days ago, as I was packing away some of the girls old clothes, clothes that would have been Lia's, I realized that I don't even think of Lia as the baby of the family. Despite her birthdate, it really feels like she is the older sister - years older in fact than Kaiden and Jordan. Oh, I bet she is a woman of great wisdom now! It makes me smile to think that my daughter is already wiser than me! It brings me so much joy to think of her in that way. Isn't that what all parents hope for - for their children to grow in wisdom and someday surpass them?

Lord, I thank You that almost every thought of my daughter brings a joyful smile to my face - that each time I begin to grieve of something lost here on earth, You remind me that every joy of here is a mere shadow of the joys of heaven. Oh Lord You know that I desire my daughters to grow in wisdom and grace, to be beautiful women who glorify You. But any level of wisdom we achieve here is only a seed of the wisdom abounding in heaven. What joy I have that Lia may worship You in spirit and in truth in Your very presence. Thank You Lord for using my sorrows to show me the glory of heaven!

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