Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Family Wall

As I sit in my mommy chair, reading and journaling - this is my beautiful view:

It includes pictures of our family, pictures of the girls together, individual pictures of the girls, and a small sculpture of a mother and father holding a baby. The cross is there to remind me that the Lord is always present in our home. I set up this display about 15 months ago, and when I put the sculpture and cross together on that shelf, I remember thinking - that's how it should be, us laying our children before the Lord.

One week before Leah was born, I sat in the mommy chair, looking at the wall and wondering where we would put her pictures. I thought through a new layout for all the frames and looked forward to adding her beautiful face.

A week after Lia died, I sat in the chair again, looking at the wall which would never hold a picture of her. No longer did it matter where she would fit in. Then I realized that she had been there all along. The Lord knew, on that fall day 15 months ago when I hung the photos, before we even contemplated baby #3, to include Lia on our family wall. I thought the sculpture and its placement beside the cross were just symbolic - but that is Lia we are holding. Our little girl who we have loving laid before the Lord.

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