Friday, February 29, 2008

Peter's Roller Coaster

Apparently, I am not the only Christian who has been taken on a roller coaster ride! I was thinking today about how much Peter must have felt discouraged after the crucifixion. Here he was, picking up his nets and going back to fishing. Three years of miracles, teaching, learning, being encouraged and being rebuked - he had to believe it was leading to someplace wonderful. But instead, after all the pain and sorrow of the Passover night he was back where he started - catching fish.

But that is where the resurrected Jesus came to meet him, preparing for the disciples a skillet of fresh fish! (See John 21)

Roller Coaster seasons of life can be so discouraging - finding ourselves right back where we started with nothing to show for the adventure. But how encouraging to know that Jesus is waiting there, right where we started, to meet us and encourage us. It may look as if nothing has changed, but for Peter, his heart had changed. Jesus used Peter's roller coaster to prepare him. There on the beach, sharing some fish, right back where they started is where Jesus gave Peter the great assignment - "Feed My Sheep". It was because of all Peter learned on the roller coaster that he was prepared to care for the fledgling church.

Lord thank You that the seemingly pointless seasons of life, seasons that only take us right back where we started, are never pointless for You!

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