Monday, April 7, 2008

Attention to Detail

On Thursday, my friend emailed me a beautiful video about a newborn with Trisomy18 who only lived 99 days. A friend of hers just had a baby with the same condition and it was unknown how long the baby would live. Carolyn wanted to share the video with me, knowing I would enjoy it - it is simply beautiful - a wonderful tribute to a tiny precious life.

But God intended much more with this video in my life than just tears shed one afternoon. That evening Carolyn and I attended the Abilene Pregnancy Resource Center's annual banquet. During the banquet, the Center introduced a new ministries to parents whose unborn children have a terminal disease such as Trisomy18. They showed an amazing video of a family whose daughter, born with Trisomy18, lived only 8 days. It was a moving and heartwrenching memoir of a family's few days with their wonderful baby girl.

Another friend came to me after the banquet to make sure I was okay after viewing such a difficult video. With a smile on my face I shared with her how God had prepared my heart by showing me a very similar video only a few hours before.

God was in the details. Once again, I am completely amazed how the God of the Universe, holding all things in place, cares enough to prepare me for an emotional moment at a fund-raising event. But He does care. Oh He does care.

I highly recommend you watch 99 Balloons, Eliot's story.

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Carolyn said...

Even in our times of trial and heartache, He is still a good God. Be of good cheer, my friend, the God of all grace is perfecting you to completion-it hasn't been, and won't be, easy, but oh so worth it for the glory of God the Father. Love you! Carolyn