Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Eternal Optimist

Okay, the optimist in me cannot end my night without posting a follow up to Fallen World. While everything I wrote is true to my current emotions, I feel like it didn't tell the whole story.

I am frustrated with a lot of the things in this world, but I am far from hating it (most days anyway). The truth is, I absolutely love this amazing place God made for us. I love the smell of a fresh afternoon breeze blowing through my bedroom. I love the sound of raindrops outside the sunroom windows. I love to walk outside on a brisk fall night and gaze up at the stars. God really did make a pretty amazing place.

But what is more amazing to me than anything else is that all this beauty is only a shadow of the life to come. Every joy of this earth with be completely eclipsed by heaven. So do I love this fallen world - yes! I love how much it makes me think of my Lord. Every day is a wonderful chance to discover something new and to see what it shows me of God.

I guess some days though, like today, I am more overwhelmed by the dark shadows of this world - the pain, frustrations, and trials. But thankfully these dark shadows will not be found hereafter. Oh how I long for that day. Or, as my 3 year old says - Oh Mommy, it takes such a long time to get to heaven! Yes it does Kaiden, but thank goodness we will be there forever!

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