Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Meaning of Lia Grace

The following was written in October and was to be included in her birth announcement.

Lia is a variation of the Hebrew Leah meaning “weary”

While traveling in China ten years ago, I learned much about the importance of names—specifically the new and more powerful meaning when two separate names are combined.
Lia and Grace both communicate what this season of life has been for us—a time of great trial and weariness, but also a great time of learning of the grace of God. It has been challenging with Mark deployed during this pregnancy—but through the challenges and sufferings we have each faced, we have experienced God’s grace and presence as never before. For when we are at our weakest, it is then that God’s abundant grace carries us through. And we do not fear the times of trial, for we rejoice that through those times, we come to know our Lord all the more!

The more the flesh is wasted away by affliction,
so much more is the spirit strengthened
by inward grace. Thomas à Kempis

Lia's name meant so much to us as we anticipated the arrival of our little girl! Now in the great suffering of our loss, her name is even more special to us. In the weakness of our grief we have truly come to know the strength of the Lord.

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