Thursday, February 14, 2008

Before a miracle was even needed, miracles #2

Friday November 16th was my last normal OB appointment. All was well, Lia's heart beating strong - but the Lord was already preparing a miracle to meet our need in her death. On Saturday the 17th, my friend Carolyn was at a wedding and visited with the photographer. They shared with her a ministry they are involved in - bereavement photography. They go to hospitals when infants are stillborn and take professional, beautiful, respectful photos of the infant.

On Friday November 23rd, Carolyn was sitting down at her computer, looking up information about the bereavement photo ministry when she received the email that Lia had died. God laid it on Carolyn's heart to arrange for a bereavement photographer to come to the hospital on Saturday. Carolyn attempted to contact the 2 members of that ministry living in our area, but neither were available.

Friday night, as I attempted to sleep in preparation for the morning induction, a thousand wishes raced through my mind. One was that I wanted to capture pictures of Lia, but I have never been pleased with my camera, and I didn't want to take 70 shots just to find a good one! I thought about how much I wanted my friend Steve, a professional photographer in our church, to take pictures for me. But I couldn't ask him. How could I possibly ask someone to do something so difficult? Though I couldn't ask him, God did....

Carolyn contacted Steve and told him about the bereavement photography. Steve was able to contact one of the experienced photographers who over the phone gave him some suggestions for how to best capture the pictures. I received a call just shortly after Lia was born that Steve and his wife were available to come and photograph our baby.

No one knew my prayer -- I hadn't even told Mark about my desire for Steve to come and take pictures. Only God knew. I am so thankful that God spoke to Carolyn and to Steve, prompting their hearts to serve.

While I cherish my photos of Lia, I am even more overcome that God began this miracle on a day when Lia was still healthy and strong. Yes, we all know and agree that God is in control of all things and knows all things - but sometimes, in our greatest moments of suffering, we need to see that it is true. God knew what was to come and set into motion a miracle before a miracle was even needed.

Lord Father in Heaven, thank You so much for loving us beyond time! Thank You Lord that from the beginning of time You have numbered our days and set forth the path of our steps. Oh Lord, when I see the goodness of Your hand, a hand not bound by the limits or diminsions of this earth, I am strengthened. My feet step surely on the Rock of my Salvation - a rock set before the beginning of all, a rock to climb upon above the crashing waves. My mind cannot contain or even begin to contemplate the enormity of You Lord! Thank You for the simple gift of beautiful photos of my daughter, and Praise You Lord for the miraculous way in which You provided them. You truly are a wonderful Daddy, giving good gifts to Your children.

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Elaine Williams said...

You are a miracle of strength. My thoughts are with you and your family. Elaine