Sunday, February 17, 2008

Why I Needed a Mentee

I wrote the following testimony for our women's ministry newletter this month

In a mentoring relationship, we often think of the Mentee as the one in need...the one needing a listening ear, the one needing wise counsel, the one needing a prayer warrior. But in this unique season of life, I, the Mentor, was the one in need.

It was clear in October why Katie and I were matched for a mentoring relationship - both with cute little round pregnant bellies (although hers a bit cuter than mine since it was her first). Our ambition was to explore biblical motherhood together as we brought our new babies into the world. But on November 23rd, our relationship took and unexpected turn with a silent ultrasound. My 3rd daughter, Lia, had gone home to be with the Lord. Given the difficult situation, me with no baby and Katie due in just one month, I could have surrendered my responsibilities as her mentor. But I signed a covenant - and as I had just learned in my Covenant bible study (Kay Arthur), we are empowered by God to keep our covenants! I was committed to continuing the relationship through God's strength.

Having Katie in my life has been a tremendous source of healing - from visiting her in the hospital to finally holding her precious son in my arms. Mentoring is often though of as one-sided: you pouring your life into another. But I am so thankful to the Lord for the way He has poured blessings into me. I needed Kaite as my mentee so that in a time of intense grief I could praise the Lord for the miracle of life! My heart was ready to welcome and love my own daughter - and though my daughter has gone home to heaven, God has not left me empty. In His abundant wisdom and goodness He brought Katie and her beautiful son into my life.

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