Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Roller Coasters

About one year ago, I strapped in for a ride - the ride of pregnancy with all its twists and tummy churning dives. I assumed that the ride stopped at a new destination - the land of 3. Isn't this how rides in this life are supposed to work - you climb on board for the adventure that takes you to the next season and destination of life. But my ride wasn't a train leading to a destination. My ride was a roller coaster which landed me right back where I started.

I am addicted to change, I love change, I love growing. I go crazy if I don't feel like I am moving forward in life. I thought that this last year was going to be full of change. I expected today to be caring for 3 kids and living in South Carolina. Instead I still have only 2 and am still in Abilene, and I am still staring at the same kitchen wall that I still haven't finished painting. It looks like my year got me nowhere!

But there is much more to growth and change than just moving forward. Yes the roller coaster brings us back to where we started, but we are not the same. Our hair is mess and our faces show the joy, thrill, and fear of the ride.

In those moments when I feel like I haven't moved at all, when nothing has changed, I need to look at who I am, not what or where I am. I am definitely a different person this side of the ride.

Lord thank You that when I feel like I am just spinning circles in the sky, You are still growing and perfecting me! I am so glad that not a day is lost with You! No matter how routine or mundane, every day is opportunity to move forward with You.

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Sarah said...

What powerful and true words. Your posts speak to life's realities and the reality of God's faithfulness in a truly moving way that only a child of God can write. You and your precious family never leave our family's thoughts for long and we often find ourself laughing about our times in P'cola with y'all! I truly hope for a continued time of healing for you all and remember y'all are always welcome in the Warren home :)